How I Navigated College as an International Student

5 min readAug 1, 2022
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As an international student, there are many things for you to think about when you come to a new country. For many of us, being the first child to do college abroad or even those that are not the first but did not have much of a blueprint, we had to figure out a lot through trial and error.

I am writing this article as an international student that went through it and sharing some things I would tell my younger brother or younger me if I could give this article to myself in 2017. And, honestly, if you are not an international student, some things here might be for you as well.

  1. Summer breaks: As an international student, if your goal is to gain industry experience or work in that country post-graduation (in my case, the US), your summer breaks are essential. Let me paint you a picture; if you want to work at Google, Facebook, etc. The best time to start is your freshman/Sophomore year because they have programs for people very early in their collegiate days. Competitive programs, yes, but the interviews are way easier than trying to apply as a senior or post-graduation. I know many people that landed an internship freshman/sophomore year, interned continuously at the company, and returned full time. And those that got into big tech companies early in their collegiate days and that company name on their resume opened many doors at other companies. So my advice is to start recruiting, networking, and applying to the opportunities at these companies early. I have written articles and posts on tips for resumes, networking, etc., that can help you with these.
  2. Join and participate in organizations on your campus: Campus organizations can be GAME CHANGERS. Join NSBE! Join NABA! Join SWE and many, many more — the experiences and connections you get at these organizations are amazing for your growth, great for your resume, and the relationships/friends you build can help you all through college and beyond. The conferences that these organizations host is filled with opportunities for you. Interviews and offers on the spot are all possible at the conferences. Commit to these organizations and participate. I was NSBE president, and the service, connections, and opportunities created were beyond fulfilling and are one I highly recommend.
  3. Conferences: As a broke college…

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